Isla Aukate
Aileeron Romanoren (right) preparing to maim Edric Tolan (left)
Aileeron Romanoren (right) preparing to maim Edric Tolan (left)

Aileeron hails from the island of February where his father, D. K. Romanoren, is the governor of Purity, the largest city there. His father was very hands-off in raising him and left a lot of his upbringing to the family nanny, a sparrow named Diete. An unintended side effect of this is that Aileeron ended up adopting the nanny’s strange accent after spending so much time with her.

His father held the belief that the whiter your fur was, the more pure and perfect you were. Aileeron fostered and parroted his father’s rhetoric until his father disowned Aileeron’s Sister, Rai, because she fell in love with a non-white lion instead of accepting the arranged marriage that had been prepared for her. Aileeron internalized much of his anger towards his father but a year later he left his home island and joined Overlord Fox’s forces as a means of his own escape. D. K. saw his son leaving as simply the boy looking to see the world before settling back in and allowed it.

Aileeron quickly rose through the ranks and within a year of passing boot camp he became the captain of Fox’s guard. Despite how much the lion irritated the people around him with his temper and haughty attitude, he did have an aptitude for leadership and knew how to get the people under him motivated. It was even rumored that Aileeron was under consideration to be Fox’s next second-in-command.

All that shattered when Fox allowed Darius Steele to become her second instead of Aileeron. The lion was furious that Fox let the man that had commanded the very forces the lair had been fighting against become her most trusted advisor. Unfortunately all of his protests were met with deaf ears and Aileeron could only coldly rage against what he saw as the ultimate injustice against what he had been working so hard to attain. The only thing that kept Aileeron from quitting his job entirely was that Fox had recently hired his estranged sister into the ranks as well and Aileeron saw it as his duty to resume his role of protective big brother to her.

So Aileeron continues his job, all the while he builds up a larger and larger grudge against the Darnathi that took his job and seem to be quietly taking over Aukate.