Isla Aukate
Ace Octave (sitting) sampling the honey of Keala Bombini
Ace Octave (sitting) sampling the honey of Keala Bombini

There is only one Chimenticore aerie where the chimenticores are born black, and that’s the Pitch aerie where the chimenticores are rumored to side with demons to gain some of their power for themselves. If you want something carried somewhere by stealth, or something carried around that no one should be in possession of, you do business with Pitch.

The seers of Pitch cast their scrying runes over every litter their queen births and four month old Jynx got the lot that destined it to be cast out as it could bring harm to the Pitch Aerie. Since chimenticores often trade children between tribes to prevent inbreeding he was sent along in the latest exchange and went to Octave Aerie where he was raised. He has no memory of his time at Pitch but from the rumors he heard here and there he was happy to be raised elsewhere.

At thirteen he was allowed to choose his own name and decided on ‘Ace’ in defiance of his birth name of ‘Jynx’.

Ace was small for a chimenticore but he was fast and dedicated and was soon put to work as a flight courier for messages and a cart puller for deliveries from Aukate’s main town. He was too small to carry more than one person swiftly, but food deliveries and small batches of supplies were easily managed for him.

Although young, he has grown close to Hector and Cobalt and always volunteers to deliver for him or run errands for both when he can. Ace also has a secret passion for racing and teaching younger chimenticores how to fly.